Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Bed

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Ok, so a few months ago (I think it was Superbowl weekend), the three of us went bowling in Brewer. I forget the camera, so took some pictures with my cellphone. After we got back, I forgot to send them to my email so that I'd have copies for the website. Whoops. I was playing with said-device, when I found the pictures. They're not great (it's a better phone than camera, which makes sense to me anyway), but here they are:

Oh, and Nora beat both of us. She was so far ahead at one point, that we both decided to bowl the way she did, since it seemed to be working: put the ball between our legs, and push it forward. The ball was slower, but seemed to hit more pins that way. Go figure.

Speaking of which, she easily beats us at a lot of games. Go-fish, Cootie, it's uncanny. We'd like to say "oh, but we let her win", only we don't. We don't have to let her win, because she wins anyway! We honestly try to win, and she still beats us. Good thing we're good sports! Pepere and I (Daddy) played Cootie against her the other day, and she whomped us something awful!

So yea, in short, she really loves bowling and didn't want to leave after beating her poor parents at her very first attempt.