Monday, April 30, 2012


We're all moved in! Well, just about. There's some stuff we need to do at the old house before it's completely empty and clean, but all our "stuff" is here (save a few large odds and ends that I could neither get in the truck nor the cars).

The new place is a mess, what with Erin having to work each weekday and me home alone with Nora, but we're working on it!

Here's some pictures:

Nora's best attempt to take a photo of daddy

Nora playing with Daddy's old toys

Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 2012

Time to move! That's right, the Taylor household is leaving Bucksport: Erin applied for, interviewed for, and got, a job in Fairfield that pays much better than the school, all within a very short period of time. Not to mention: closer to both our families.

She's already started there this week (yesterday actually), and has been  staying at her mom's with Nora so she wouldn't have to commute. Next week however, Tina is back to work herself (from April vacation), and I'll be watching Nora while Erin works. The catch is that she'll have to commute even farther - Augusta - which would add about 3 hours of driving each day to her schedule. Yuck! So, we're planning a super-fast move this weekend, hoping to get at least all the essentials into the new house in Skowhegan by Sunday night.

The house we're living in now, and for the last 16 months, is really nice, and we've grown fond of and accustomed to the area, but now we're off to bigger and better things!

If you have access to a truck, or at least a strong back to help move furniture, it would be appreciated on Saturday/Sunday! Thanks!

Here's some pictures of Nora:

Sunday, April 8, 2012


No picts or video (sorry). We're all in various stages of illness and just didn't feel like taking video of it: Nora was vomiting yesterday but is better today, Erin and I are mostly just worn-out and sniffly.

Nora did however get to hunt for Easter eggs around the living room, and found 29 of them, each containing candy and Spongebob or Cars stickers. Then we watched lots of Schoolhouse Rock and Spongebob.

Special thank-you to Aunt Jeannette who sent Nora Leigh a card and gift for Easter, as well as a donation to her Hop-a-thon this week! Thank you! As promised on Facebook, donations will be rewarded by a special artwork, created especially for you by Nora herself.

In other news, Erin has a new job in Fairfield! Yay! She'll be working with Catholic Charities of Maine. Sometime in the next few weeks, we'll hopefully be moving to the area. At the moment though, we can't afford to, but the new job will pay better, and luckily if the car doesn't suck up too much gas during the commute, we'll have some cash saved-up to move.