Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bucksport Bay Festival

Tonight the three of us went down to the Bucksport Bay Festival, a local yearly event that includes tours of boats, dough-boys, and fireworks!

Bucksport has a beautiful shorefront boardwalk where the events are staged. There were all kinds of bands playing, lots of people; we had ice cream and a doughboy, Mommy bought Nora an inflatable Spongebob, and we watched fireworks! Nora even had some dance-time (video below)!

USCG Cutter "Tackle"

The USS John L. Hall

I like that they kept the old railroad right-of-way to the restored train depot.

Steam-powered MV Patience

In the long tradition of all great Maine events big and small, this one is of course "sponsored" by Allen's Coffee Brandy.

That's pretty much all we have pictures for, the batteries pooped-out on us in the middle of that last dance, about an hour or more before the fireworks even began. Meh, it would have been too dark probably anyway. They were good fireworks though for such a small community. We had fun, and Nora enjoyed herself. She also stayed up WAAAAAAY past bed-time and was anxious to get to bed when it was all over.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sandy Point Beach

Erin, Grammie Tina, and Nora went to the beach today (while Daddy was stuck at work, boo). Nora went into the water (first sea water!) a few times and seemed to enjoy all the new sensations, from waves and seaweed, salt water, and sea gulls!

"Hey, where are Grammie's credit cards?"

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Barney Goes to Camp

Just returned from camp! We left on Saturday morning for Pepere' Lee and Nana Patty's camp up in Bingham. He had bought a little camp next-door to his that was for sale, so anytime we want to go up, we have a camp to go to!

Lee and Patty made us lunches and dinner, Lee took Erin and I each out on his 4-wheeler for a tour of the property, which is quite large, using ATV paths they've created. It was impressive just how much work had gone into it, there wasn't just one deer path through the woods, there was a whole network of good sized trails cut through the brush and maintained. It was a lot of fun, and took forever to completely navigate. I was lost almost instantly upon leaving!

The new cabin even has this really impressive composting toilet that even looks the equal of anything someone might put in their home, you really can't call it an "outhouse" anymore.

Last night, Lee was telling us about this wild rabbit that comes over and he talks to. I wouldn't say its domesticated, but they have an interesting relationship - the rabbit isn't at all afraid of him, or apparently his company: right on time yesterday evening, the rabbit comes from out of nowhere, hops past each of us, and takes up residence behind our chairs, chewing on the grass and clover. It was really something, and Nora didn't do anything to scare it away either. Very surreal. 

We even went kayaking! Nora rode for a while with Mommy, and then Daddy (that's me, otherwise known as "He Who Can't Swim") even got in a kayak by himself and paddled all over the place, all without tipping it over! Woo! I love kayaking, now we just need one for each of us, 'cause so does Erin. Very relaxing form of exercise and recreation.

Here are some pictures!!

"Our" cabin. This is the "small" one.

The driveway into the camp.

Nora making herself at home in our cabin just seconds after arriving.

Nora playing with Nana Patty


Blowing bubbles with Pepere!

Nora swatting flies.

I had orange drink! See? AAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Erin, Patty, Lee kayaking

Nora and Mommy kayaking!

What? Daddy kayaking? Waaaaah???? You can't swim, silly man.

Lots of birds!

This chipmunk would run across the front of the camp again and again, gathering food, and taking it back home.

Curious Rabbit


This picture is apparently going to circulate at her wedding reception.

zzzzzzzz....tired girl, sleeping with her butt in the air

For those of you that don't "get" the title of the post, Barney is the stuffed-animal Nora is holding under her arm in this last picture, hence "Barney Goes to Camp."

On the way home, an interesting conversation ensued. We passed a rock-shop not far from home with a "Crack a Geode" sign on the front; Erin mentioned that she'd like to visit someday, saying that she "wants to crack a geode". From the backseat we hear Nora yell "I Want crack!" "Great," Erin said, "we now have a daughter that says 'I want crack!'" I thought I would die laughing and could not breathe for a few seconds.

It was a great weekend. Thank you to my Father-in-Law Lee, and Nana Patty for having us up to camp and being excellent hosts. We hope to make it back again before the end of the summer!