Monday, November 29, 2010

November 29th, 2010

Sorry it has been so long since an update. We're doing well, just busy!

A few weeks ago, one of Erin's friends and colleagues decided to rent out the house in Bucksport she's had vacant for a couple years, and we took it! We've been there now for just over a week, all moved in, but still getting things setup and out of boxes. Its coming along though and already feels like home.

The cat had a rough trip over and hid under the bed or in the closet the first day, but seems to have gotten used to the new place pretty quick. Nora loves it, lots of room to run around.

The Toyota finally pooped-out on us, so we're looking for another second car for cheap, let us know if you have one for sale. We're doing alright with the Focus at the moment, I've been getting up early and heading out with Erin and Nora, dropping them both off, then heading to campus early (hence the time I have right now to blog). But its not really a long-term solution.

Nora's a happy girl : yesterday, she kept turning mommy's clock radio on and dancing to the music, all while her poor mother was trying to sleep! Then later, she started doing slow spins to the kid's tunes we had playing on the TV in the living room, and slowly making herself dizzy until she fell over. Funny girl! Its good to know I'm raising a daughter that's happy and healthy. She's got a bit of a cold though she's still getting over; Thanksgiving was pretty rough with the sneezing, but now its mostly just in her chest, mostly when she's trying to sleep.

Will post pictures once I remember to upload them into my netbook (oops).