Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

We went trick-or-treating tonight with Erin's friend and supervisor Allie, and a bunch of their friends and family, in Bangor. Maple Street is *the* place to be in Bangor on Halloween: nearly every house is decorated, residents are often in costume too, it's got a neighborhood block-party kind of feel to it. And the sidewalks are FULL of people of all ages in costume, walking up-and-down with kids in tow, it's very festive and was a lot of fun! I'll post some of those pictures to my other blog, which you can find here.

Nora had a costume that was loaned to us, the woman who let us use it gives it to someone she knows each year that has a baby of about the right age at Halloween. It's a good tradition, and Nora looks absolutely adorable in it. I know you've all been waiting for it, so here's the Lobster Girl!

Someone was so pooped-out from the excitement that she almost immediately fell asleep on the short car ride home!

October 31st, 2009

Grammy Tina got some picts that she sent us from her visit earlier this week.

Those aren't teeth, they're bubbles!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Nora, Italy

Did you know that Nora was the name of an ancient city on the island of Sardinia, pre-dating even the Phoenicians (who were later conquered by the Romans)? This ultimately means that the name predates English, German, and Latin! How is that possible? I'm guessing that "Nora" can be spelled with letters from the Phoenician alphabet (with a little imagination), which is the ancestral basis of the alphabet we use today. Otherwise archeologists would have given it a different name, right?,_Italy

Here's (apparently) the Chinese symbols for Nora:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 21st, 2009

We have tooth! Ok, so it's not much of a tooth, and it just barely makes it's appearance, but it's apparently through the gumline (finally) and ta-da, there it is.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nora and the Netbook

Nora loves computers....perhaps too much. Like Daddy.

"Hi Daddy! I just opened the Control Panel, and the link to the Big computer, all by myself!"

From The Adventures of Nora Leigh

"Hi Daddy! Hey, there's the netbook again! I wasn't done yet!"
From The Adventures of Nora Leigh

"Gimme that netbook!"
From The Adventures of Nora Leigh

October 18th, 2009

Erin just let me know that it's been a few days from my last post. Here's an update!

1. Nora is done with her cold, but moved head-long into teething, and so is still very grumpy at times...especially at night, when neither of us sleep very well. She's been waking up half a dozen times, all night long. We've all been compensating with daytime naps as possible.

2. She's eating chicken now. Kinda. As long as Erin hides it, in small quantities, in something else, such as squash, so that she doesn't even notice the difference. We're feeding her small amounts of dark meat that's been thoroughly pulverized, so that she can get a bit more protein into her diet. This was approved by her pediatrician at her last visit.

We're thinking that over time, she'll like it more, since she didn't even like her yogurt the first time she had it (or most of her vegetables either), but now looks forward to it every night. Seriously, when Nora sees the container of yogurt coming out of the fridge, she gets all excited and fidgety, and opens her mouth before the spoonfuls are even ready. It's quite funny. Erin makes sure to save it for "dessert" as a treat, since we still want her eating her vegetables and not filling-up on yogurt just because she really likes it. But yea, she goes crazy for yogurt.

3. She makes a lot of new noises, from one extreme to the other: whispering to loud growling. It's disconcerting sometimes to be sitting in the living room and hear a very throaty roar coming from behind you. Especially when you're me and have a love of zombie movies...

4. She's figured out that her Exersaucer bounces up and down; it's not exactly a jumper however, and she "drops" when it's all the way up, so every few minutes I'll hear a BANG BANG BANG followed closely by what I believe is called the Baby Elephant Walk. She also enjoys her jumper, and isn't afraid of it like she used to be, and actively bounces in it.

5. Nora has "discovered" the cat. Olivia has been really good with Nora for the last few months, tolerating behavior that we wouldn't have expected any cat to put up with, let alone a beast we refer to as "cat-hole." Even when Nora pulls on her, Olivia tolerates it. Erin and I would have been bitten.

Last night, Olivia was asleep in her chair when Nora tried to get her attention, babbling and talking at her. Finally, she yelled at the cat and woke her up! She was so proud of herself.

6. Erin took Nora to work the other day, by invitation of her supervisor. She said it was a pretty low-key day anyway, the kids were all in the middle of testing, so there wasn't a lot for Erin to do, and she said that it actually seemed to help her kids relax having Nora in the room with them, because it didn't make the whole process seem as formal or intimidating. How anxious can you be with a baby giggling in the corner?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

October 11th, 2009

The picture is a Nora Leigh original painting from a few days ago!

Nora isn't feeling so well this weekend. She's still in good spirits, but she "lost her dinner" the other night. We thought it was a one-time thing, not necessarily an illness. She's a baby, it was bound to happen that something wouldn't agree with her system on a given day. Plus she didn't seem terribly bothered by it, we figured that maybe she was just "full" and that maybe the yogurt was just too-much. But it looks like maybe it's part of an illness - she's been coughing and stuffy, and generally miserable. Cold? Flu? Don't know.

We had company this weekend, and I didn't think to warn them that there was something going around, because that "something" is everywhere already...if we gave it to them, then a big sorry! Kids get sick though, it could just be a coincidence that one of ours and one of theirs "yacked" a couple days apart. I feel fine, and the other adults and kids seem alright. Don't know.

In any case, Ms. Nora is resting comfortably in bed; Erin and I are about to watch a Netflix DVD of Kingdom Hospital and cuddle on the couch.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

October 4th, 2009 p.2

My pictures from this weekend!

Nora and Daddy

Nora standing by herself - with aid of a coffee table!

"Nope, didn't like this story." Nora loves playing with paper.

Nora and Mommy, pooped-out

Nora and Aunt Jeannette

October 4th, 2009

Spent Saturday and much of Sunday in Waterville, helping Mimi Terri move into her new place, then we spent the night at Grammy Tina's before visiting Nora's Great-Aunt Jeannette (she's Lee's Aunt). Got a lot of good picts!

These pictures are courtesy of Grammy!

Nora and Erin's cousin Lauryn

Erin and Nora, Chris, ad Stephanie (just out of the picture) holdig their daughter Reina.