Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30th, 2009

Wow! Last day of June already! How'd that happen? So much muggy, yucky weather lately too. We've been hiding inside most of the last few days, but today the weather cleared-up, and we took a trip to Wally-world for some necessary baby provisions.

One of the things we picked-up was rice cereal, we're going to try "solid" foods sometime very soon. Rice cereal isn't exactly "solid" since it appears to have the consistency of a milk shake and an adult could easily slurp it through a straw, but ultimately it's neither breast-milk nor formula, and can be feed with a spoon.

Nora has been almost insufferable lately. She's been waking nights to feed, and then staying awake, becoming very cranky when we don't entertain her. She's been making-up for it by sleeping more during the day. This situation needs to change shortly, we can't continue living like cats, sleeping for only an hour or two before being crazy active then going back to bed. We're exhausted!

"Mommy put my ducky on my head."

"Mommy put my underwear on my head."

Shoppin' at Walmart.

Monday, June 29, 2009


The more I hear from Erin about one of her friend's family and in-laws, the more I appreciate my family and in-laws. Thank you all for not being crazy.

June 29th, 2009

Someone on UMaine's First Class BBS is selling a mobile in Veazie (just over the Bangor town-line) for $14k, it's a '93 in a park with a modest lot-rent ($210). Can't beat that with a stick, the price either. The mobiles I was looking at last year were going for at least 18-20k. Some may not like the idea of a mobile home, but the biggest selling point right now would be the total lack of lead based paint, a huge issue here in this apartment, and one that we're going to have to do something about in the next few months as Nora begins crawling around. I'm going to look into financing, but considering current events, I don't see it happening through a bank.

In any case, I post this because I spoke with the seller, and she thinks she may be able to arrange a rent to own option on the property. This would be ideal - new home, we can move it if we don't like the neighborhood (and could just leave the moving boxes in the house! ha!) or buy some land. Heck, if we ever build a house, we could move the mobile there while we're building it. We could even move it to Bucksport when it's all paid for, which wouldn't take long. We paid almost $9000 in rent alone last year for this apartment, and there is NO equity. Oh, and it's a three bedroom, bonus!

Plus, I hear really good things about Veazie. College students hate it because they have a huge police force for such a small town (one-square-mile) and they keep it funded through speeding tickets, but at least that means it's quiet and safe.

Friday, June 26, 2009

June 26th, 2009

Nora slept last night and so-far this evening completely unswaddled; Erin was hoping she would, since it's been so muggy lately.

I moved the swing, thinking that maybe it would help her fall asleep. This way, it's far away from daddy's area, and she can't stay away just staring at me.

Thought I'd be creative and do this in black and white.

Oh! Something I wanted to post and keep forgetting: Nora's stranger-anxiety has begun in-earnest. She had a hard-time with even Grammy Tina and Pepere Lee when first seeing each of them this past week. It worries Erin, because in a couple weeks, Nora starts daycare with a new provider - a woman she knows from the school has volunteered to watch Nora for free while Erin's working summer school. She's only going to be getting maybe 4 hours a day, so it just wasn't feasible to pay someone to watch Nora.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 25th, 2009

Thank you to Erin's Aunt Jeanette for the new books in Nora's collection!

Also a big thank-you to Lee and his family for providing me with a family history for Nora. I've already entered most of the information given, expanding her family tree to over 568 people spanning 400 years! Yes, many of them are not direct ancestors, but cousins thrice removed or better, but it's still interesting to see all the people you're related to.

Lee also brought us this great blanket that a woman he knows made for us, and we thought it would be perfect to hang in the nursery.

Nora in her jumper!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Picts from Rangeley

These are from Erin's cousin Cecelia! (Thank you!)

Daddy, Nora, and Mommy

Bathtime at Grammy Tina's

June 20th, 2009

Nora has been giggling the last couple days. She did it a few times about a month ago, and then stopped. Then she took it up again yesterday and again today! She did the same rolling over too - once or twice weeks ago, then nothing; this afternoon - twice in a row, like a pro. Third time though she got frustrated, like she knew that she had just done it, and then forgot!

Anyone looking for baby shower gift-bags and tissue paper, let us know! We have SO MUCH OF IT that we saved because it was still good. If anyone can use it, feel free to drop me a line.

One of Erin's cousins is having a baby; we missed the baby shower and haven't sent anything yet, but we haven't forgotten, and will send something soon. The baby is due in the next few short weeks, so this will be a good opportunity for us to send them something they can use and haven't received yet.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 17th, 2009

The Johnny-Jumper [Exersaucer Jump & Go] that Lee bought us arrived this afternoon; we're working on setting it up and will post picts of Nora using it later!

Right now though, Ms. Nora needs a nap and doesn't want to take one by herself. Erin is trying to convince her to do so, with mixed results. So far we've managed to get her to fall asleep while being held and then to continue for a short time in her crib by herself. Lately I've been "getting lost" while Nora is in her swing, as if I'm within ear and eye-shot, she won't fall asleep. We'll be working on transitioning her into the crib overnights too starting very shortly; Erin's last day of work is tomorrow, and she was planning to start that project during her school vacation.

Here's a pict of Nora and her rubber ducky!

Here's a picture of Nora's growing library!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rangeley Trip

Erin, Nora and I just got back from Waterville a few minutes ago; last night, we spent at Grammy Tina's after returning from Rangeley (or to be more exact, Oquossoc). Erin's cousin Lauryn was married there on Saturday afternoon. It was a long, tiring trip for the family, but it was good to see so many relatives and have them get a chance to see Nora!

Erin's cousin Cecelia ("CC") and her mom Terry (sister to Mimi Terri, which is an interesting story) drove-up from Virginia, and got to see Nora for the first time.

[Note: if spelling is wrong, let me know, these are Erin and I's best guesses]

Got surprisingly good gas mileage in the Focus too - it worked out to 37 mpg by the time we got to Farmington after the reception!

[If anyone else has pictures from the wedding/reception that they'd like to share on the baby blog, drop me a line!]

Me and My Baby!

Cecelia and Nora

CC and Nora chillin' in their hats.

CC wearing Nora's hat!

(She had the idea after seeing John do it)

Tina and her boyfriend John

Erin's Aunt Paula

Erin, Nora, Aunt Libby, and Nick

Mother and Daughter

The Shin-dig itself!

Lauryn with her Dad, and Mom Paula

Lauryn and Jason

Shortly after leaving the reception, we saw a moose on the side of the road! Luckily not in the road, and luckily it was the only one we encountered on the way to or from.

Friday, June 12, 2009

New Address

You've of course noted by now that I changed the website address as promised a few weeks ago, to reflect the changing nature of the blog. It was originally created before we even had a name or gender for the baby; now that we have both, she's not just "Eric n' Erin's Baby."

All I had to do was create a new address for this blog - it's exactly the same otherwise - and then create a "new" blog using the old address. Once everyone has updated their bookmarks, I'll delete the "new" blog with the "old" address.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9th, 2009

These picts are from the inside-cover of the journal I've been writing for Nora.

Here's a link for you: Gerber, and Teething.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

June 7th, 2009 p.2

More picts!!

Nora in her Exersaucer

Nora reading with Mommy, and turning the pages herself!

June 7th, 2009

Uploading another video to YouTube. Longer, brighter. I call it "Nora Singing", she's chatting away to her animal friends in her bouncy-seat.

She's alternating between happy and sad today; she's still happy to have mommy and daddy all to herself this weekend, but every now and then she gets cranky and upset - we think that her first tooth is definitely on it's way, and a second one not very far behind it!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6th, 2009

Not done yet! Posting gives me something to do on a Saturday night at home with the family without seeming too antisocial.

Walk in the Park

Nora's been in a really good mood today. I'm sure that a lot of it is because it's the weekend, and she has mommy and daddy's nearly undivided attention! We also went for a walk in the park today, and that made her happy.

It was a beautiful June day - bright and sunny, warm but not oppressive, and a good breeze that wasn't overpowering but kept us from getting too hot in the sun. It was gorgeous, so we decided to go for a walk together. There's a 1/3 mile dirt path around the park, we made two laps. Nora was all excited to be outside, quite probably because the dirt path make the ride just bumpy enough to be enjoyable. At one point, she stopped being a little chatterbox, and instead of making a number of different, random noises, lapsed into one-long noise for the longest time. We finally figured out what was going on - the bumps in the path were making her voice bumpy and she was enjoying and experimenting with it. Emily might know what that's called, I'm sure there's a word for it.

After we got back home, she slept for a while, and now she's awake again and chatty, smiling all the time, and floundering-around in uncoordinated baby-style. In other words, she's been incredibly cute all day long!

Also: I keep forgetting! Nora may be teething. She's got a little nub in there, she's drooling a lot, and there's other anecdotal evidence from Erin's friend Sarah that points in that direction (stuff that Nora's doing that her own son did when he was teething).

This video is dark, it's made in the late evening after Nora's bath. I made it to give you a hint of what Nora sounds like when she's chattering away to herself or her friends. I'll make another one on a day with better lighting!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 4th, 2009

Nora was playing in her Exersaucer the other day, and while I was playing with her, she started flipping the pages of the little book in front of her. I 'hurrayed' and clapped, and she looked at me, and then did it twice more. She really seemed to be doing it on purpose too, a couple of times she looked like she was concentrating on getting herself coordinated to do what she may have done at first accidentally. Very exciting development on the baby-front!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2nd, 2009

Nora still doesn't sound all that great, depending on how she is this afternoon, I might recommend to Erin taking her back through Walk-in Care to see if it's more than just a cold that should be going away by now.

I think I have some pictures on the camera that I'll upload later tonight, and will undoubtedly take some more when Grammy Tina stops by for a visit. Hopefully Nora will be awake, she slept pretty much the whole evening yesterday. Erin said that Sarah told her that Nora had been awake most of the day, and continued being wide-awake when Erin took her with her to Ricia's for a few hours. By the time they got home, Nora was pooped-out and only woke up long enough for feedings and changing. Later that night though, she just seemed incredibly irritated, I'm going to see if Erin has been propping her up at all; Nora kept waking up in the middle of the night, more frequently than normal it seemed to me, just incredibly unhappy with her sinuses and post nasal drip. Not that I can blame her - if not for being able to blow my nose, I'd be even crankier than I already am.

Can you believe it's already June and that before too long, Nora will be six months old? And Father's Day is coming up soon! Yay!