Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Look

Revamped the blog to make things wider, it's now optimized for a higher resolution. I used some tips I found online (thank you).

I've also changed the name of the blog, with the anticipation that I'll change the address as well. Stay tuned!

Nora sounds better, almost got her to laugh myself this afternoon, but she's still rumbly in the lungs.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 28th, 2009

Erin and I think that we're actually working on our second set of colds just this month. Nora came down sick about two weeks ago, then a couple days after she showed symptoms, Erin got them. It wasn't apparently strong enough to give me any symptoms however. Erin got better, Nora is still congested and sneezy, I came down sick earlier this week, and now Erin is getting symptoms again.

The fact that Erin was fine then got sick again is the "tell" showing us that there are two viruses at work, and not just the one. Not a pleasant week in the household by any stretch of the imagination, and the budget isn't looking terribly healthy next week either - Erin missed a number of days when she and Nora was first sick, and I've lost about half my hours this week (more if I lose any tomorrow).

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 26th, 2009

Nora's eyes are better; those drops seemed to clear it up in less than a day, it's crazy. Everyone (well, not everyone, but too many people) gets so freaked out when they hear "conjunctivitis" but honestly even if not for the drops, it's not that big a deal. She ended up going back to daycare today, Erin went to work; me, not so much. Stayed home today, called out sick. Feeling "better" but cough, nose worse. More thunder, less lightning? Anywho, need to get back to work tomorrow!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 24th, 2009

Erin and I took Nora to Walk-In Care on Union Street, her eyes started getting all goopy and it wasn't pleasant. Nora sounds better, but we wanted her checked-out for that at least.

The prognosis is conjunctivitis, which means that Ms. Nora will likely be home a few days. It's not a big deal - it's more of a nuisance than anything. Itchy eyes, crusty when you wake-up, but it goes away. Bad enough so that you don't want to pass it along in any case (or get a case yourself). Luckily it's Memorial Day Weekend, which means that Erin is paid for Monday anyway.

The congestion isn't (probably) related, and is (probably) just a cold. She is getting better as far as that's concerned - she's been playing and smiling today, and catching up on sleep otherwise.

She's got a prescription eye drop solution for the conjunctivitis, so hopefully that will clear up soon.

As far as this story: Nora won't be a princess, at least treated like one. Dress-up and play is one thing, "helicopter" parenting and pedestalization (?) is another entirely. Another thing that is missed in the story - if a daughter ever gives one princess-diva attitude, subtly remind her that as her parents, you are King and Queen, and therefore Lords of the Kingdom.

Another interesting website. There needs to be an "older", "previous", or "next" page link at the bottom though, otherwise how do you navigate (reverse) chronologically? It does have another set of links to other "dad-blogs" though, so that's cool.

Friday, May 22, 2009

May 22nd, 2009 p.2

Nora is pooped-out, she's been so miserable she hasn't been able (or willing) to sleep. I was holding her for a while as Erin ran some errands, and I came across a position that she apparently found comfortable - a couple seconds after discovering that she could breathe fairly normally, she crapped right out on my chest, in a very weird position. Got some snot on my Land's End shirt (heh heh, I laugh because it's one of the shirts the hotel bought) but that's alright, because for about 15 minutes or so she got some very needed sleep. That's how Erin found us when she got home, with Nora and I standing at the screen door seemingly waiting for her. That was only part of the equation though - there was a cool breeze coming through the door, and a holding a baby on your chest is like standing next to a heat lamp. It's great if it's January, but whew - it's been hot the last couple days!

There is nothing like a newborn baby to renew your spirit, and to buttress your resolve to make the world a better place.
Virginia Kelley

A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on.
Carl Sandburg (1878 - 1967)

May 22nd, 2009

This picture is of Pepere Lee, Erin's father, holding Nora this past weekend. Thought I'd try something creative by mounting it on the side.

Erin stayed home with Nora today; the little-spoot didn't sound well at all. She was awful congested last night, at one point making as much noise breathing as Erin snoring! Erin's been keeping an eye on her. I'm wondering if it's allergies after all, there are a number of people here at the hotel with their own current horror stories of themselves or family members that are out sick or just absolutely miserable because of seasonal allergies.

I've been contemplating changing the name of the blog (and thus the blog address) to something else, to reflect the changes since Nora was actually born. The blog was created before we had a name for instance; now that we do, I'd like the blog address and name to reflect that. Perhaps "The Continuing Adventures of Nora Leigh." Let me know what you think! I'll post the effective date of any change so that everyone can update their shortcuts.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gay Marriage

I wrote this back in April. I thought I had posted it, but found it sitting in my Draft folder. It's not exactly baby related, but it does address the issue of family, a subject I've sought to expand upon in this my most public of blogs:

I was recently reminded of a subject that I've been wanting to address for some time.

My wife and I have a great relationship, and a fine family. I've been blessed to have found my soul-mate, a person that understands me and loves me with every fiber of her being, a person that I feel the same way about myself.

In a world that can sometimes be difficult to handle, with tragedy and pain sometimes seeming to fill the voids between laughter and happiness, she continuously fills me with hope and tolerance, making it all bearable.

Knowing the importance of this woman to this man, could I ever find it within myself to deny that kind of relationship to someone else? What kind of man would I be to tell any couple that they did not have the right to be with one another?

My family is very happy; there is no man, woman, or couple that can threaten our sacred bonds of marriage, and anyone feeling that their marriage is somehow 'threatened' by the happiness of others, has greater issues to deal with inside themselves and their relationship.

If two people, any two people, find happiness and understanding within each other, then it is ultimately nothing less than the work of Divine Providence, a sacred light shining through the darkness and giving us hope; as such, there should be no mortal power on this planet that has the right to deny that couple their happiness.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 19th, 2009

Interesting link that I need to continue reading later:

This is one of the toys we picked up at the toy fair this past weekend:

LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo.

We got one in really excellent condition for only 3-bucks. And it's awesome! Music, animals, alphabet, and songs that aren't nearly as annoying as other toys. Has really good reviews on from other parents too.

Monday, May 18, 2009

May 18th, 2009

Erin noticed today that Nora is starting to lose some of the hair she was born with; not just the peach-fuzz behind her ears and on her forehead, but also the long, auburn hair on top of her head. There were quite a few strands in the hat she was wearing earlier. We knew that often when babies are born with hair that they'll lose it, but it generally happens earlier than around 4-5 months.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 16th, 2009

Nora giggled yesterday afternoon! Erin was talking to her and saying silly stuff and Nora went from smiling brightly to letting out giggles! We were all excited, it was awesome!

Today we went to the Baby Fair at Hampden Academy. I wasn't expecting much, since I couldn't find nearly anything about it online, even at the HA website. But apparently that's because there's no need to advertise - the place was packed. It's a huge event, parking lots all over the place were overflowing. We picked up a few toys, books, DVD's, and went searching for a few items that had apparently already come and gone. It was an experience! Wish I had thought to bring the camera, it was quite a spectacle. Nora was incredibly tolerant through the whole process too, sleeping for the first few minutes, then awake and looking around at everyone and everything for the rest of it, only getting a little fussy when losing her binky. Otherwise she was very tolerant, and sometimes quite happy to have daddy's undivided attention!

Our little girl is also pooping more often. I myself got to change my first stinky diaper just this morning (and it was pretty bad)!

Addendum: I'm hoping anyone who reads this in the Bucksport-area will forward me information on rentals in that area. Erin and I would love to move to Bucksport, but neither of us have the time to go looking around at apartments on our days off. Erin knows she doesn't want to live in or near "Wen-Belle", but we don't know anything about "Knoxview" that is listed on Craigslist. They have apartments, and townhouses with 3-4 bedrooms within our price range, but we don't know anything about them, there are no picts online (not even in Google). All I can think is that there's a 'catch' somewhere. Four-bedroom, 2-bath, washer/dryer hookup, allows pets, for what we're paying now?

Bangor is expensive, and frankly I think we can get a bigger, nicer place by leaving town. Plus, if Erin doesn't have to commute, that makes things easier for both her and Nora.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Diaper and Clothes Sizes

No offense to women meant, but men have their 'stuff' together when it comes to clothes sizing. Actual measurements dictate the size - leg length: inches. Waist circumference: inches. Same with (dress) shirts - neck size, chest size. Yes, the "small, medium, large," etc can be a debacle, but it's not quite as bad as women's clothing. Are you a 6 or a 7? Maybe a 4? Depends on the brand, it varies wildly. What measurements constitute a size anyway? Are all women that wear a 10 expected to be the same height?

Much the same can be said about diapers apparently. For instance, Erin tends to prefer Huggies over Pampers, but Nora is in an awkward period between size 1 and size 2. However, Pampers size 1's tend to run larger apparently, so she can still wear those.

No standardization! Therefore I am calling upon the Nerds of the World to Unite and bring Order out of the Chaos that is Clothing and Diaper Sizes. We really need to get the International Standards Organization (ISO) into this. We could have ISO 9000 certified clothing, so that you know that if you are an ISO-Size 9, that a certified size 9 would fit you. Problem solved! Yay!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

May 9th, 2009

Nora with Grammy Tina

Nora at her checkup after vaccinations.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo 2009

Nora had her 4-month checkup today and is in good shape. She does have a bit of a cold, the inside of her nose isn't red and irritated, suggesting it's not allergies. But maybe it's better to have a cold than allergies eh?

In any case, her growth is all on-track and she's not due for another appointment until her 6-month.

10.5 pounds (168 ounces; 10 lbs 8 oz)
23.1 inches long
head circumference 16.? inches

Sunday, May 3, 2009

May 3rd, 2009 p.2

Erin's grandmother Terri called a few minutes ago, and thanked me for all the updates. I know that Emily and Tina appreciate it as well. You're welcome! I was thinking that I've spoken a lot about my family, but haven't posted any picts. I'd like to do so if no one objects. It will also make for good content later when I save the blog as a book, which will also help preserve the pictures and information for posterity. People forget their roots sometimes, and lately I seem to have fallen into the position of family historian. If anyone from Erin's side of the family has old pictures that they'd like to share and/or make digital copies of, I'd be more than happy to scan and make CD's for you.

My Maternal Grandmother Laurette Gordon's family - the Pratts
Elmer & Dorothea Pratt
(my Nana is the shortest, with the trouble-maker grin)

Imelda Laurette Gordon, 1942
Norway, Maine Post Office

Nana and me!

Pops, 1940's

Nana and Pops, 1980's

Nana and Pops, early 40's?

I retouched this myself from the original, did a good job if I may say so.

Dorothea Gordon, mother to Harry Merl Gordon Jr (Pops),
my maternal grandfather

Harry Merl Gordon Sr. and wife Dorothea

While we're talking about roots, did you know that the Flexible Flyer is still being made? In Maine? By a company in South Paris? WOO!

May 3rd, 2009

Reminder: Postage Rates go from 42 to 44 cents starting May 11th. So if you haven't RSVP'd Lauren and Jason's wedding in June, better get crackin'! Ours will go out tomorrow. Reminder #2: Next Sunday is Mother's Day!! OMG!

Nora's not feeling very well at all today; Erin gave her a little Children's Tylenol liquid, we're thinking her recent crankiness may be aches and pains. She's been sneezing and coughing, and she doesn't sound all that great, but so far doesn't have a fever, and Erin's been "checking obsessively." As far as childhood illnesses go, it doesn't seem as bad as I would have feared, and Erin and I aren't buying into the whole "Swine Flu" scare.

Addendum, later in the evening: Nora seems fine now. Erin suspects that maybe Nora just has the same allergies that her parents have, and it's prime allergy season. She's not running a fever, she only had a small burst of sneezing earlier, and we're thinking that the coughing may have just been post nasal drip as a consequence of the allergy and sneezing that has since cleared-up.

Plus, neither Erin nor I have really gotten a cold or flu lately. We've been run-down, but other than feeling exhausted and in constant need of sleep, we're alright.

Addendum #2: Nora is sleeping a lot. Maybe she is sick.

I wasn't feeling very well last week myself, and went home early on Friday. I figured it was just a combination of being tired from waking up during the night when Erin feeds Nora, and falling off the sugar wagon the night before (roll of Bottlecaps, Butterfingers bar, box of Nerds, a few cans of soda, and a sleeve of Oreos. Don't judge me! I've been trying to eat better recently, but shouldn't be allowed in a convenience store alone with a debit card). But sometimes when I get sick, I don't get symptoms, and instead just get really, really tired. Like I was last week. So it's possible. The hotel is kind of like a preschool in that there are so many people in and out that it's a breeding ground for infection., this is one of the reasons we're taking precautions recently, such as giving all the housekeepers surgical masks and hand sanitizer. It wouldn't surprise me if I "got" something that was going around but was fairly mild, and ended up giving it to Nora.
Erin's calling-out of work tomorrow. Even if Nora feels better, the amount of sleep she's getting today signals to us that tonight may be a very, very long evening.