Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27th, 2009

Nora pictures from this weekend!

Friday, April 24, 2009

April 24th, 2009

Nora's going through another growth spurt - she's cranky much of the time, and hungry too. Still a cutie though.

We had to leave the apartment for a while this week. The floor in our bathroom was falling apart, so the landlords called someone in to fix it. We spent one night at the hotel, and then the next night Erin went to her mom's while I spent the night with the cat. By then the toilet had been installed, but the dust and smell was still too much for either of us to risk Nora's health. While they were gone, I busted-hump to clean the bathroom and kitchen of as much as I could, and ran the Swiffer around the floors to get what I could that we'd kick around. The house is still pretty dusty in spots, but at least it doesn't look like a construction area anymore! They're still working on getting the moulding painted as well; since it's a bathroom, they're using oil based paint, which needs a long time to dry and has an incredible odor. Doors and windows have been opened, luckily the weather cooperated today and was sunny. Yesterday the damp, muggy air didn't help at all, regardless of the wind. We're working on ways of keeping the shower water -in- the shower as well, especially until the painting is done.

Erin's friend Allie said that Nora's hair is looking a little red to her too, it's not just some of the pictures Tina took. But to us, it's only "sometimes", like maybe as Erin says it's from the pink of her scalp showing through or reflecting the light. Most of the time it looks a dark brown, like mom's (mine's not quite as dark).

Mommy made a Conehead!

Welcome back Grammy Cathy (my mom) from her trip to the Southwest. Glad you had fun!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 19th, 2009

April's going-by so quickly!

Erin put Nora in her bouncy-seat today. Tina picked it up a while ago from someone, lightly used but in very good condition. Nora has to be propped-up a little, but seems to enjoy it.

"What? I'm not bothering nobody."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14th, 2009 p.2

More pictures? Can you handle the cute?

Four generations.

"Hey! What's going on?"

"Are...those...devil horns? Mommy!!!"

April 14th, 2009

Some pictures from Easter:

I know you've been waiting for them so here are a couple pictures with an awake Nora!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nora Boo-Boo

Erin came home from work a little earlier than expected this afternoon; she noticed last night that one of Nora's fingers was a little red, and this morning it looked worse. So this afternoon, they went to the doctor's office to have it looked at. Nothing serious, she caught it early (good job sweetie); looks like Nora had a little tiny cut on the end of her finger, and it probably got infected when she sucked on it. Nora's got a little bottle of antibiotics and she'll have to take it for a few days.

Nora was also very cranky this afternoon, but she had good reason. In addition to spending a mountain of time in her car seat on the way home from Bucksport, then again to and from the doctor's office, she got stuck with Mommy at Walmart for a couple hours as they were filling the prescription. Erin said Nora did very well though even through all the stress of being out in public in her car seat, and didn't start fussing and crying until they got out to the car. Once there though, she pretty much wailed for the next couple hours, well after they got home. But, she eventually got settled back at home, and fell asleep.

Our advice: if you can afford to pay a few dollars more, don't go to Walmart for meds. Holy crap. There's always a line, it's insane. Twenty minutes turned into two hours, drove Erin nuts, and I don't blame her. We'll probably be switching our prescriptions elsewhere, it just seems to be getting worse every month.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sense of Humor

It seems that Nora has picked-up her parents' sense of humor. Nearly every time that Erin belched in Nora's presence, Nora would smile really big and make this laughing noise. She even apparently has comic timing: for instance, once Erin belched, Nora farted, then smiled and laughed.

Yup, that's my daughter!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 5th, 2009

A big "Thank you!" to the Landrys, Libby's boyfriend Nick's parents, who gave us their old clothes dryer when they replaced their set; as well as to Lee and Patty who brought it up to us today and installed it. It will be so nice to have the ability to just dry clothes immediately after washing them, it more than doubles the available options I for one have when choosing a work outfit (to say nothing of the ability to wash and dry baby clothes which can be changed numerous times during the course of a single day). This is by the way the same Mr. Landry that baked the incredibly tasty wedding cake at our reception (a piece of which also survived a year in deep freeze to still be really tasty at our 1st Anniversary as well). Thank you!
Seriously, if you're looking for an excellent tasting wedding cake that is also pleasing to the eye, I will help you get in touch with him!

I forgot to tell everyone that yesterday, we took Nora out on a shopping expedition to Hannaford, and the Natural Living Center on outer Stillwater, behind the Target/Burlington Coat Factory complex. It was fun, I think that we'll have to spend more time at the NLC, there was a lot of good, healthy food, and while it was a little more expensive, it wasn't for the most part as bad as I would have thought, and it just might end up helping my digestive issues.

I didn't get any pictures though (sorry), it was raining and Nora was a little grouchy for much of the journey. She spent most of the time in the stores attached to Erin, and time in the carseat crying. We managed just fine though. I think I learned something valuable though: when you're single without children, crying babies can drive you nuts; as a father, I've not tuned it out so much as it just doesn't bother me anymore. Sometimes I find it strangely reassuring, as in "hey, she's crying, so that means she's breathing and is reacting to unpleasant stimulous; woot."

Here's a picture for you:

Saturday, April 4, 2009

April 4th, 2009

Erin's first week back to the school went smoothly. Nora did well at her sitter's house, Erin managed just-fine away from her for a few hours. The last two days though, Erin wasn't feeling very well at all. I think that this cold or flu that's going-around was compounded by stress and exhaustion, and just pooped her right-out.

Nora is doing well. She was a little cranky this week, but it's been a long week for her. She's growing out of all her clothes already! Well, not all of them, but she grew out of the preemies some time ago, and she's now outgrown her newborn clothes! We're looking into buying some 0-3 month clothes now, it's the one age group we really don't have enough of at the moment. Erin's kind of sad Nora seems to be growing up so fast, she gets bigger everyday! She's (almost completely) holding her own head up now, turning it around to look at people. She smiles more often, and seems more interactive with her environment, which is great!