Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September 30th, 2008

Erin's second ultrasound was yesterday, but we don't know the gender.

Addendum: I was tired when I posted, so I'll finish the post now.

The baby was resting on it's side with it's legs crossed; we not only didn't get a good look at reproductive organs, but the technicians that looked said that we should come back anyway for a good look at the vital organs like the heart. Or at least, that's what they'll be telling the insurance company, I don't know if it's true or not. They were pretty good at justifying a return in a few weeks. They both had a "guess" as to what the gender was, but we didn't want to hear a guess, even if an educated one, just in case it was wrong.

We do have some pictures. As soon as Erin brings them back from school, I'll see about scanning them at work and posting them to the blog.

Friday, September 19, 2008

September 19th, 2008

Went with Erin to her monthly prenatal checkup. Everything came back healthy, the baby's heart is strong and beating at a speed it's supposed to, plus we got to hear it!

Also, updates on due-date: the doctor is still convinced that the previous date of February 19th is correct, and gave us reasons in addition to the ultrasound pictures and timing. One was that the number of weeks roughly corresponds to the number of centimeters from the pelvic bone to the top of the uterus, which at this point is closer to 18 weeks at 19 cm than it would be to 22 weeks. Not an exact science to be sure, but the doc is convinced. In any case, we're well into the second trimester!

Lauren just called to let us know she had bought something (thank you!) and I talked to her for a few minutes about the baby. She brought up a point that I need to ask Erin about - is the ultrasound on the 29th based upon the earlier due date or the later? If the earlier, we'd have to reschedule, but I'm guessing they already took this into account...? Hope so! Update - Erin says that yes, the ultrasound was based on the later date, so we're all-set.

The doctor tells us that it's normal at this point to not know whether the baby is moving, or you just have gas; after a couple more weeks, movement should be more pronounced. Erin says she can sometimes "feel" something, but isn't sure if it's just digestion or not. Otherwise, I may be pregnant too, 'cause my insides are always active.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

September 9th, 2008

Erin's made some alterations to the wish-list and registries, based upon items and prints being out of stock.

On the bright side, checking the registry now, I noted that there's a sale at Target.com on a number of our registry items there. The Safari Rug for instance is $3 off, and the boppy she thought of just a few days ago is a full $6 off. I'm not saying anyone has to buy us anything, I'm just pointing out the sale!

She was looking at that Diaper Genie at Walmart.com and it got great reviews. Some diaper pails don't work as advertised, are messy, or stink, but that one gets good reviews and is less expensive than some of the lesser-reviewed alternatives.

The girls-name debate has really heated up apparently. I'm pretty sure though that Erin and I are both amenable to either Kenley or Nora. I know Erin has ideas about middle names, but I rather like the idea of Nora Kenley Taylor. It sounds almost like a fashion designer, or someone important. "The Nora Kenley" Collection, found only at finer stores everywhere outside of Maine. It also sounds like a good name to yell when you're angry. "Uh oh, mom's using my middle name, I have to go home now."

Monday, September 1, 2008

September 1st, 2008

I've made a couple late night runs already for ice cream. Erin's been really good about limiting her caffeine, even at the expense of her Dr. Pepper addiction and morning coffees, so I appreciate her sacrifice for the baby's health. This also goes for her allergies which have just been dreadful all summer. She apparently can't take anything for them and has instead allowed herself to be absolutely miserable with head congestion and sneezing.

She's also revised a few of her wish-list items; the crib she's looking at now is much less expensive than our previous ideas for instance, and it's now posted as an option on the registry.

You'll also note an Addendum below to the Baby Names post. Erin added a new one tonight (Kenley) to the girl's names, and we've ruled-out a couple others (Lily - too popular, and Ilisa - which I can't seem to ever pronounce correctly, an embarrassing situation for a father). We've settled on Quinn for a boy - we both like it, and it was popular with everyone else, so I've removed that poll. We're still open to further suggestions of course.