Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ultrasound #2 Schedule

September 29th. Still no consensus as to due-date, but hopefully this appt. will help clarify things.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baby Names 2

I'm preferential toward Quinn for a boy; as I told Erin, I don't know any Quinns (a plus) except for Quinn Mallorey from Sliders, definetely Jerry O'Connell's best work. And Mallorey was a smart kid, so that's another plus.

As far as girls, I'm a little more open since none of the options are typical. I don't want any Jenns or Marys. Less inclined to Ansley, sounds a little more masculine, if metro-masculine. Not much more inclined to Gwendolyn, she'll always be a Gwen, and there seem to be an increasing number of those. Ilisa is probably my favorite, followed by a Lily, then Nora.

Still open to other suggestions as well, and I will enter them on the voting list as they are sent.

Addendum: Erin's considering "Kenley" for a girl. It's different. But I can't edit the voting once someone has voted, so I might start a new one and have everyone start-over with the votes.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Registries and Shopping

Did a bit of shopping today at Wal-Mart, bought our first baby-related item: A Baby Book. Erin's been looking at them at Borders, online and such, but hadn't really found one she enjoyed. I thought to check Wal-Mart while we were there buying plastic totes as we reorganize and try to eliminate unnecessary items we've collected over the years (including many, many books), and they had two - one of which she really liked and thought was absolutely adorable, and just happened to match the green, unisex jungle-print that we agreed looked very cute.

Another idea is that in the bathroom, we're going to have a rubber-ducky theme for the baby. Wal-Mart has actual rubber duckies in various colors, along with a number of pajamas, towels, etc all matching the theme. So we'll be adding those to the registry.

Speaking of which, we have both a Wal-Mart (Registry ID 80522268124) and Target (Registry ID: 014399700106629) registry. Both of these include the ability to purchase Gift Cards, which would be handy for diapers and other disposables.

I would however suggest to everyone to wait until we hear back from family in regards to the big ticket items such as car seats, since we may be receiving used, good condition items from them.

This is something we looked at as a possible "blankie." Again, matches color and style.

Here are a few items from the registries:

Update: Created new registry at BabiesRUs (ToysRUs), Registry #: 90250798.

Due Date

There seems to be a bit of confusion over the due-date. There was some confusion as to the date of Erin's last period, so it could be as early as late-January, or as late as late-February.

This was an issue because ultrasound scheduling is based upon due date and how far along the mother is, and depending on who Erin spoke with, the schedule seemed to be a few weeks further along than it should have been. Speaking with one of the doctors/nurses, she found out that there was confusion as to last-period; half the paperwork had one date, the other half another date. The confusion may have been Erin's, making us due a full month earlier.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

First Ultrasound

Erin's first ultrasound was a few weeks ago, but we don't have a scanner, and I keep forgetting to take the picture to work with me to scan it there.

Tina - Erin's mom - sent me a scanned copy of the copy she made, and it's not bad. I'm going to take the original to work tonight though and see what I can do.

Ha! Forgot again!

Olivia the Cat

One of our biggest concerns about the new addition to the family has less to do with the baby, and more to do with Olivia, our quarter-Siamese cat. She's a beautiful animal, and can be very cute and affectionate (sometimes down-right codependent), but incredibly strong-willed. She knows what she's not to do, but not only does it anyway, but purposefully does it to annoy us or get our attention. How would such a stubborn creature react to the addition of a baby that may further take attention away from her? And what about toxoplasmosis?

There's good news about the latter, I looked up toxoplasmosis and got a few bit of info that should make us both feel better. It also has good pointers about getting cats used to the idea of having a baby in the house before it happens.

Now, to find someone with a baby that can visit, and see how Olivia responds. It's going to be tricky, as sometimes she's sometimes averse to strangers. She's fiercely independent...sometimes...but when the landlord or other stranger appears, she sometimes retreats to underneath a chair in the second bedroom - where the baby would be. I think she's more intuitive towards friends and family though, actually interacting with them on some level and being incredibly sweet and friendly. In her "comfort zone" though of just Erin and I, the cat can turn into a raging beast, confident we won't beat her, and therefore she doesn't need to be cute. She's smarter than she acts.

(you can definately see the quarter-Siamese in this picture)

Here's something I'd like to try for when Olivia spazzes-out: "You may want to use Feliway if she seems upset. Feliway is a well-known and safe artificial cat pheremone (body scent) spray. Pheremones are what cats rub on wall corners and pants legs with their cheeks. The type of pheremone that Feliway mimics tends to have a calming effect on cats. Apply it to walls and vertical surfaces as directed."

Friday, August 8, 2008


Erin and her mom have put a lot of thought into names. Me, not so much. I'm open to suggestion of course.

  • Jack
  • Quinn (I like this one, reminds me of Quinn Mallory from Sliders)
  • Ian (I like this one too, a good Scottish name)
  • Gabriel
  • Charlie
  • Riley
  • Lily
  • Nora
  • Ansley
  • Gwendolyn
  • Ilisa

Baby Blog

I've created this blog as a memory device mostly for myself, as a reference to subjects that Erin and I are discussing now and I may wish to refer back to later, and as a repository for pictures, thoughts, etc that we wish to share with family and friends.

For instance: baby names, furniture, toys, clothing, etc. What to buy, what to get from relatives, things like that. I won't remember all this. I'm still amazed by the concept of a Pack 'n Play, let alone the 15 pages of different models at, just one of who knows how many manufacturers.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Nora Leigh Taylor

This blog is written by Eric S. Taylor, father of Nora Leigh Taylor, husband to Erin Leigh Taylor, and meant to outline the first years of our family.

Written on November 24th, 2009 and post-dated to August 1, 2008 so that it can be the first entry on the website.